Creating pulse with sounds...

Drummer Chris Marshak has carved a niche out for himself by crafting a sound, feel and vibe that is sought after by some of the most respected singer-songwriter/artists in the business. 

Chris creates pulse with sounds.  His unique style and approach to making music is based on the fundamental idea that “sounds and parts matter”. 

Some of the artists that Chris has recorded and/or performed with...

Steve Winwood 

Marc Cohn 

Valerie June

Ricardo Arjona 

Jill Sobule 

Amy Helm 

James Maddock 

Jeffrey Gaines 

Willy Porter 

Deb Talan

Jonah Smith

Todd Sheaffer  

Mike Delguidice

David Wilcox

Ellis Paul

G. Love

Leslie Mendelson

Brian Mitchell

  Sam Baker 

Kenny White 

Freedy Johnston 

Liz Longley 

Donovan Woods 

Cheryl  Wheeler 

Lucy Kaplansky 

Duke Levine 

Cassandra House 

Henry Butler 

Martyn Joseph 

Andy Falco 

Amy Correia 

Billy J. Kramer 

Miles To Dayton 

Jeff Golub 

Jennifer Kimball 

Catie Curtis 

Toby Lightman 

KJ Denhert 

Brian Dunne 

Kemp Harris

Lisa Bastoni

Bakithi Kumalo 

Eugene Ruffolo 

Phoebe Hunt 

Matt Marshak 

Robinson Treacher 

Brad Cole 

Peter Calo 

Alex Bugnon 

Crys Matthews 

Andrew Fortier 

Peter White 

The Tin Man 

Bob Malone 

Jonny Blu 

Lisa Matassa 

Joanna Mosca 

The Levins 

Greg Greenway 

Pat Wictor 

Bill Scorzari 

Four 80 East 

Jeff Kashiwa 

Carl Burnett 

Mary Gatchell 

The Twangtown Paramours 

Robert Poe 

David Lockwood 

Dave Murphy 

Kat Quinn 

Mark Newman 

Dave Diamond 

Robert Bruey 

Kerri Powers 

Erica Leigh 

Frank Persico 

JJ Sanseverino 

Marcus Anderson 

Will Donato 

Last Charge of The Light Horse 

Walter Finley 


Joe Lostrito 

Jenai Huff 

Steve Kunzman 

Andy Aledort 

April Martin 

Nick Russell 

Marci Geller 

Bobby Nathan 

Felix Cabrera 

Pat Cisarano 

Jay Hitt 

Jack's Waterfall 

Brian Unger 

Lucy Bonilla