Creating pulse with sounds...

Chris is one of my go-to drummers for so many of the recording projects and albums that come my way. Chris has a keen sense of what will work best for each song that he plays on. He comes with a great feel and pocket for a multitude of genres and is not afraid to experiment with different textures and layers of rhythms that together create something unique and memorable. In addition, every time he shows up for a session he brings new sounds and instruments that offer a continually expanding sonic palette from which to choose. Chris comes incredibly well prepared and I know that whenever we'll be working together in a recording session or live performance it's gonna be a great day of creativity and camaraderie.”

— Ben Wisch (2x Grammy Award winning producer)

Chris Marshak and Ben Wisch

Chris Marshak and Ben Wisch


Drummer Chris Marshak has carved a niche out for himself by crafting a sound, feel and vibe that is sought after by some of the most respected singer-songwriter/artists in the business. 

Chris creates pulse with sounds.  His unique style and approach to making music is based on the fundamental idea that “sounds and parts matter”. 

What are you playing and what are you playing it with?   Sometimes Chris uses drums, sticks and cymbals. However, often times his approach is non conventional using an assortment of hybrid brushes, mallets and bass drum beaters,  muted toms, vintage drums, calf-skin heads, wood boxes with shakers and things that rattle attached to his feet, calves and arms. 


I think the artists, producers and musicians that hire me do so because they know that I will make a unique contribution to their project in terms of sound, feel and the parts that I create.  The song matters to me.  It’s more important than anything.  My job is to play something that adds to the song.   It’s all about musical choices.  Sometimes the most effective contribution you can make to the music is choosing NOT to play”

— Chris Marshak