Summer 2018

One the recording front... 

I am playing on Cassandra House's new project (The Roam) as well as playing on tracks for Eugene Ruffolo's upcoming project with 2x grammy award winning producer Ben Wisch. 

I was recording at Ian London studios with producer and grammy Award winning guitarist Andy Falco working on Nick Russell's new project.

I played on 2 tracks for Cole Fortier's upcoming project. 

I also did some tracks for Composer/guitarist Peter Calo working on the soundtrack for the upcoming movie "Extra Innings" with Danny Lapidus at the helm. 

In addition, I've been recording in my studio (the Drumshak) doing tracks for singer-songwriter David Lockwood as well as Matt Marshak's upcoming project. 


On the Gig front... 

I've played with Cassandra House, Donovan Woods, Martyn Joseph, Crys Mathews, Robinson Treacher, Miles To Dayton, Matt Marshak, Brad Cole, The Cosmic Orchestra, Lauren Fox, Mark Newman, Dave Diamond, Paul Grassini and Frank Persico. 






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